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Night clubs are places of entertainment for adults. The house serves drinks and sometimes offers performances, but it is up to guests to arrange whether or not they will go out together.

Most night clubs are located either in the downtown area or in the richer areas of Jardins and Moema.

Some night clubs in São Paulo:

Kilt Shows.
Rua Nestor Pestana, 266 - Downtown.
One of the oldest and most traditional boates in São Paulo.

Enigma Club. Swing house.
Al. dos Aicás, 1287 - Moema

Ocean Club.
Rua Nestor Pestana, 189 - Consolação

Bomboa 222. Upscale.
Rua Capote Valente, 222 - Pinheiros.

Cafe Photo. Probably THE most upscale Cafe in São Paulo.
Av. Hélio Pellegrino, 480.

Bahamas. Full service house (including rooms for rent).
Rua dos Chanés, 571 - Moema.

American Show.
Av. dos Carinás, 318 - Moema

Rua Arizona, 1544 - Brooklin.

Bella Luna Cafe.
Av. Jandira, 977 - Moema.

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