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A corteous city: in 2006, the well known magazine Readers Digest conduct a survey to appoint the most courteous cities in the world.
Reporters for the Digest conducted three tests: a "door test," to see who would hold open a door for a stranger; a "document drop test" to see who would help a stranger pick up dropped papers; and a "service test" to measure if salesclerks said thank you for a purchase.

The city of São Paulo ranked amongst the 5 top courteous cities in the world, along with New York, Zurich, Toronto and Berlin.
This is just another reason for foreigns to stay another day, and get to know better this large singular city.

Stay another day

Below, some tips for you to spend that extra day in Sao Paulo.
» Culture in São Paulo.
» Downtown.
» Outdoors activities.
» Fine Arts.
» Trends and Fashions.
» Bargains.
» Sophisticated shopping.
» São Paulo for Kids.
» Saturday in São Paulo.
» Sunday in São Paulo.

Touristic attractions

Below, some points of interest in the capital city of São Paulo:
» Cathedral of Sé.
» São Paulo Zoo.
» MASP. Museum of Arts of Sao Paulo.

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