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Brazil is a Federation comprised of States, the Federal District and municipalities.
The Portugese word for municipality is "município". The use of "cidade" (city) instead of "município" is very common in Brazil, and is adopted throughout this site.

Cities in Brazil have Executive and Legislative Power; there is not a municipal Judiciary Power.
The Executive Power is exercized by the Mayor ("Prefeito"; the word "alcaide", of Spanish origin, is rarely used), elected every four years, along with a vice-Mayor.
The Legislative Power is exercized by councilmen ("vereadores"); the number of councilmen is proportional to the population of the city, but there is a minimum and a maximum limits.

Municipal elections were conducted in years 2004 and 2008; next elections will be in 2012.
Notice that State and Federal elections are conducted in different years; the last one was in 2006, the next one will be in 2010.

List of all cities in the State of São Paulo.

Most populated cities in the State of São Paulo

The most populated cities in the State of São Paulo are, in order:
São Paulo, capital city
São Bernardo do Campo
Santo André
São José dos Campos. Center of aerospace industry in Brazil.
Ribeirão Preto
São José do Rio Preto
Mogi das Cruzes

Other important cities

Hortolândia. In the metropolitan area of Campinas. One of the fastest growing cities in the State.
Aparecida. Pilgrimage city of Catholic Brazilians.

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