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Distance from the capital: 168 km (104 mi.)
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Area: 121 km 2
Population: 36,120 (est. 2006)
Altitude: 542 m (1,778 ft)
Gross Product: R$ 139.196.000,00 (est. 2003 by IBGE).

Basilica of Aparecida
The Basilica of Aparecida.

Aparecida is the most important religious city in Brazil, a country with population predominantly Catholic. It is seat of the Basilica de Aparecida, dedicated to the Official Patron Saint of Brazil, Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Our Lady Aparecida).

Origin of name: the word Aparecida, in Portuguese, means "appeared". It's a reference to the fact that a statue of Our Lady "appeared" in the river (see History below), without nobody dropping it there. There are other cities called Aparecida in Brazil, both because of the influence of this Aparecida, and also because there are other cases of statues or other symbols "appearing" without explanation.


In 1717, the region where today is Aparecida was still part of the the municipality of Guaratinguetá; that year, three fishermen found a statue of Nossa Senhora da Conceição.
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The economy is based on religious tourism. More than ten million people visit Aparecida every year.
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