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São Paulo Futebol Clube is one of the most important teams in São Paulo and Brazil.

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São Paulo FC is considered the team of preference among the higher classes in São Paulo. Morumbi, which belongs to the team, is the biggest private stadium in Brazil. Also, the neighborhood of Morumbi is one of the preferred by the richest families in São Paulo.
Because of the three colors in the badge, São Paulo is referred to as "tricolor do Morumbi" (three-colored of Morumbi).

Sao Paulo won the World Teams Championship three times: 1992, 1993 and 2005 (hence the three red stars in the badge); it is the Brazilian teams with most winnings of this title.
São Paulo won the Brazilian Championship five times: 1977, 1986, 1991, 2006, 2007 and 2008..
According to the Brazilian Confederation, São Paulo FC was the first team to win the National Championship five times. This affirmation caused some controversy, as Flamengo also claims to have won five times, but CBF didn't recognize one of the winnings (in 1987).

Important players

Goalkeeper Rogério Ceni is considered the best in Brazil (many people consider him to be better than Dida and Julio Cesar, who are currently in the Brazilian team). Ceni is the goal keeper who scored most goals in History of football; he is particularly skillful to convert free kicks into goals.
While in Brazil, Kaká, elected the FIFA player of the year in 2007, played only in São Paulo.
Kaká was brought to Milan thanks to a particular effort by Leonardo, who, despite having started his career in Flamengo, played only for São Paulo after returning from Milan. To create an institution to help poor children called Gol de Letra (slang which could be translated as "wonderful goal"), Leonardo partnered with another idol of São Paulo: Raí, who was captain of the team which won the World titles in 1991 and 1992.
Some older players of São Paulo: Leonidas da Silva (World Cup 1938), Pedro Rocha (Uruguayan, commanded São Paulo in the 1970s), Serginho (World Cup 1982, the greatest striker of São Paulo), Careca (World Cup 1990, helped Napoli gain the scudetto).

More information about Sao Paulo FC

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Independente. The best known organized group of fans of São Paulo FC. Players of Pro Evolution Soccer who choose Sao Paulo can listen to the crowd crying "Independente".

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