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São Paulo receives millions of visitors who either are single or stay single while traveling or doing business in the city; so, it is not surprising that a whole industry exists to cater for such crowd.

For example, the billboard below advertising an upscale nightclub was exhibited at the time of the Formula One GP in 2006; it shows mechanic engaged in a "funny" position with a young girl, with the call: "Do you know what happens after the race?".
formula one romanza

This kind of publicity spurs discussion and controversies, but there is no way to deny that São Paulo is also a city for singles looking for fun.

This page hopes to bring helpful information for the single traveler in São Paulo.

»The Laws. Some laws of interest.

Services for adults

Adult professional services can be found in a few different ways:

»Escort services: professional men and women who advertise their services in the main newspapers and the internet.
»Night clubs. The Portuguese word is "boate". Houses which offers space for adults to meet, usually with adult performances. It is up to guests to decide whether and how go out together.
»Clinicas: A house offering professional masseuses, all services in house. Extra services are arranged personally between masseuses and customers.

Other services are variations and combinations of the above.
»Many place offer drinks, shows, and rent rooms for private conversations; a common reference to describe these places is "inferninho" (little Hell); rua Augusta is a well concentration of such places.
»After the success of Cafe Photo, several places adopted the denomination Cafe (which means coffee in Portuguese). Cafes are usually more discrete places (no shows, no nudity), where datings are supposed to occur casually.

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