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This page brings information related to the Government (including Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Powers) of the State of São Paulo.
For information related to the Governments of the city of São Paulo and other major cities in the State, visit the respective city page on the section about cities of São Paulo.

São Paulo Government - Executive Power

The Governor of São Paulo is José Serra, who was elected in 2006, took office on January 1st 2007 for a term until December 31st 2010.
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São Paulo Government - Legislative Power

Legislative Power

São Paulo Government - Judiciary Power

Tribunal of Justice of São Paulo. This is the highest court in the State. Notice that, depending on the circumstances, a claim judged by the Tribunal of Justice can still be taken to the higher Federal Courts. Also, notice that, depending on the nature, the claim would start, from the beginning, in one of the Federal Justice bodies, such as the Labor Courts, the Federal Judges.
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