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Judiciary Power

Court of Justice of São Paulo. This is the highest court in the State. Notice that, depending on the circumstances, a claim judged by the Tribunal of Justice can still be taken to the higher Federal Courts. Also, notice that, depending on the nature, the claim would start, from the beginning, in one of the Federal Justice bodies, such as the Labor Courts, the Federal Judges.
Criminal Court. This kind of courts existed in a few States before the Constitution of 1988. The new Constitution transferred the jurisdiction of these courts to the Courts of Justice; the courts which already existed in 1988 continued to exist, but new criminal courts can't be opened.
First Civil Court and Second Civil Court. Same situation as the Criminal Court.
Military Justice of São Paulo. Judges causes related to Military of the State of São Paulo; these include the Military Police and the Military Firemen, among few others.
Electoral Court. Each State has a TRE - Tribunal Regional Eleitoral - Regional Electoral Court.

Public Prosecution

The General Prosecutor. Chief of Public Prosecution.
Ministério Público. Public Prosecution.
Procon. Defense of Rights of Consumers.

Public Defenders

Public Defenders. Provide free juridical assistance to poor people.

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