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São Paulo is the State in Brazil which receives most foreign visitors; to accommodate them all, São Paulo has the largest hotels structure in Brazil.

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The pages below lists only hotels which maintain a website.
Hotels were sorted in categories: high standards (four and five star hotels), executive (hotels with a structure for business oriented guests), tourists (good location, basic services) and economy (lower prices). Notice that this classification is for guidance only; some hotels are listed in more than one category.

See list of the best hotels in Sao Paulo.

Hotels in the city of Sao Paulo

»Luxury hotels. Five-star hotels in São Paulo.
»Executive hotels. Four-star hotels.
»Tourist hotels. Affordable hotels in São Paulo.
»Budget hotels. Low cost hotels in São Paulo.

Hotels in other cities

»Hotels in Aparecida. Aparecida is the most important religious city in Brazil.
»Hotels in São José dos Campos. São José dos Campos is where the aeronautics industry of Brazil is established.

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