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Below, a list of hotels in the city of Aparecida, 160 km from the capital, the most important religious city in São Paulo and Brazil. Read more about Aparecida.
Aparecida has a hotel network with more than 20,000 beds, most of them in medium and small hotels and pousadas. During the religious holidays and events, all hotels get full very early.

Caesar Business
This is Caesar Business Hotel,
in São José dos Campos, less than
70 km away from Aparecida.
If you are looking for a
comfortable hotel, this is a good choice.
Read more about the
Caesar Business Sao Jose dos Campos

Hawai Pallace Hotel
Rua João Matuck, 97/99 - Centro
Phone: (12) 3105-4222

Marge Hotel
Rua Monte Carmelo, 21 - Near Walkway of Faith
Phone: (12) 3105-5335

Hotel Colorado
Av. Getulio Vargas, 769 - Centro
Phone: (12) 3105-2874

Morada do Sol Aparecida
AV. Monumental, 470 - Centro
Phone: (12) 3105-2761

Princesa do Vale Hotel
Rua Domingos Garcia, nº 30 - Centro
Phone: (12) 3105-6674

Hotel Central Aparecida
Praça Nossa Senhora Aparecida, 247 - Centro
Phone: (12) 3105-2700

Hotel Paradise
Rua Vereador Joaquim Souza Nunes, 28 - Centro
Phone: (12) 3105-2981

Basilica of Aparecida
The Basilica of Aparecida.

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Hotel Chalé São Jorge
Av. Solon Pereira, 383 - Jardim Paraíba
Phone: (12) 3105-2304

Porto dos Milagres
Praça São Geraldo, 5 (near the Port where the statue of Our Lady was found)
Phone: (12) 3105-5644

Hotel Colina Park
R. Dr. Oliveira Braga, 270 - Centro
Phone: (12) 3105-1636

Monte Carmelo
R. Monte Carmelo, 165 - Centro
Phone: (12) 565-2771

Hotel São Paulo
Rua Monte Carmelo, 139 - Centro Phone: (12) 3105-2895

Addresses of hotels in Aparecida. Several dozens of hotels, most without website.

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