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There are probably many lists which attempt to rank the best restaurants in São Paulo. Below, some of these lists.

Every year, Veja magazine invites a few specialists in São Paulo and asks them to appoint the best restaurants in several categories.
» Best restaurants in São Paulo (2006), by Veja, the most important magazine in Brazil.

Other lists of best restaurants in Sao Paulo:
» The New York Times suggestions: five restaurants (2012), listed at top of page.
» The Guardian's Top 10 list (2009).
» Wall Street Journal interviews one of the best chefs in Sao Paulo, which offers recommendations of his top 10 restaurants in town. (2010)
» Best Bars and Restaurants in Sao Paulo, by SharingTravelExperiences.com (2010).
» Travel and Leisure: best restaurants in Sao Paulo (2010).
» Where to eat in Sao Paulo, by the Condé Nest Traveller.

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