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»Brasil a Gosto
Rua Prof. Azevedo do Amaral, 70 - Jardins - Phone: (11) 3086-3565
Appointed by Veja magazine as the best restaurant of its kind in São Paulo; see list of best restaurants in São Paulo.
The chef Ana Luiza Trajano traveled all across the country researching several regional cuisines, before opening her restaurant in 2006. The restaurant employs ingredients from diverse parts of Brazil, unusual even in other restaurants in São Paulo; the decoration also is made with pieces collected by Ana Luiza during her trips. Good variety of regional cachaças.

»À Mineira
Alameda Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 697 - Jardim Paulista - Phone: (11) 3283-2349
The name translates as "(food prepared) the way of Minas Gerais"; Minas Gerais is one of the States of Brazil, and one with a very typical cuisine.

»Amigos do Picuí
Avenida Ministro Petronio Portela, 412 - Freguesia do Ó - Phone: (11) 3932-4357
Cuisine from the Northeast of Brazil. Main dish is 'carne-de-sol' (sundry jerked beef), the most typical dish from the Northeast. There is a large community of people from the Northeast in São Paulo; this restaurant is located in a neighborhood which concentrates many families of migrants.

Rua Artur de Azevedo, 874 - Pinheiros - Phone: (11) 3064-8644
Another restaurant with Northeastern food (cozinha nordestina). At dinner, there is a group playing forró (regional Northeastern music) and a space for dancing.


Rua Oscar Freire, 1189 - Jardim Paulista - Phone: (11) 3085-5058
This chain has branches in several States of Brazil. It was started in Bahia and advertises itself as Bahian Food, but it has became known mostly for the fish and seafood dishes (as opposed to other Bahian restaurants which focus on African dishes, like acarajé and vatapá).

Check out the moquecas (of fish, shrimps or seafood), a plate typical of Brazil with no similar in the world. How to prepare: pieces of vegetables are laid on a large pan; add layers of fish, shrimp and seafood; cover with Bahian oils and condiments; let it stew without stirring. Serve it in the same pan.

« Photos of a few moquecas, courtesy of Bargaço.

»Barra Baiana
Rua Traipu, 156 - Perdizes - Phone: (11) 3666-5565
Bahian food.

Avenida Cidade Jardim, 53 - Jardim Europa - Phone: (11) 3061-2010
Established 1946. Bolinha ('small ball', nickname of the founder) serves other dishes, but is mostly famous for the feijoada. The pieces are all stewed and served together; there is an option of 'lean feijoada', which doesn't contain the high calory pieces.

»Cachaçaria Pompéia
Avenida Nicolas Boer, 120 - Barra Funda - Phone: (11) 3611-1114
Cuisine from the country side. Cachaçaria means 'cachaça place'; cachaça, a strong spirit drink made with alcohol, is the typical Brazilian drink.

»O Caipira
Rua Amazonas da Silva, 21 - Vila Guilherme - Phone: (11) 6905-4455
Caipira is the Portuguese for hillbilly. The restaurant serves several dishes from the Brazilian country side.

»Capim Santo
Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 471 - Cerqueira Cesar - Phone: (11) 3068-8486
The theme of this restaurant could be described as 'nouvelle cuisine with Brazilian ingredients'. Young chef Morena Leite uses tropical speciaries (such as the capim-santo, which means Holy Grass) in recipes of her own creation.

Shopping Lar Center - Phone: (11) 6222-3131
Country side food. The decoration reproduces a country side house.

»Consulado Mineiro
Praça Benedito Calixto, 74 - Pinheiros - Phone: (11) 3064-3882
Food from Minas Gerais. The excellent food at reasonable prices made this one of the most popular mineiro restaurant in São Paulo. Arrive early, to avoid queues.

»Dona Lucinha
Avenida dos Xibarás, 399 - Moema - Phone: (11) 5051-2050
Cuisine from Minas Gerais.


»Feijoada da Lana
Rua Aspicuelta, 421 - Vila Madalena - Phone: (11) 3814-9191
The restaurant doesn't have a website, but deserves a listing. It's specialized in feijoada, every day of the week. The owner Lana Nowikow has been perfecting her feijoada for ten years. The pork pieces (meat, sausage, foot, tail, rib, etc) come each in a different pan; guests take only what they like. Good prices: R$ 20 during weekdays, R$ 40 weekends (June 2007).

«Photos of a complete feijoada. The feijoada (center of photo) is garnished with rice, collard, orange and farofa.

»Galinhada da Bahia
Rua Azurita, 46 - Casa 8 - Canindé - Phone: (11) 3315-8613
Very humble instalations. Bahian food, I mean, the true popular Bahian food, not the kind that is exhibited to tourists. Buffet for R$ 17, including dishes like galinha cabidela (chicken stewed with their own blood), baião de dois (rice and beans cooked together), pirão (yuca gravy), sweet-potato, pumpkim, etc. For R$ 22, try the special of the house: buchada de carneiro (lamb intestines; according to ex-president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who was charged of populist for having eaten buchada during a past Presidential campaign, this is a popular plate among the truck drivers in France, where it is called 'tripes à la mode de Caen' - cf. A Arte da Política, pp. 59). There is also live music: a trio playing forró, also the genuine, not for tourists, way.

»Graça Mineira
Rua Machado Bittencourt, 75 - Vila Mariana - Phone: (11) 5579-9686
Food from Minas Gerais.

»Rancho Goiano
Rua Rocha, 112 - Bela Vista - Phone: (11) 3289-5146
Cuisine from the Central State of Goiás. Similar to mineiro mixed with caipira cuisines.

»Templo da Bahia
Alameda Campinas, 720 - Jardimm Paulista - Phone: (11) 3262-0903
The restaurante is inside Flat The Pierre. The name means Temple of Bahia. The restaurant was started by ex-staff of Bargaço (see comments above), hence the similarities in the menus.

Rua Bela Cintra, 465 - Consolação - Phone: (11) 3107-7444
Brazilian food, with influences from several regions of Brazil.

Rua Minas Gerais, 112 - Higienópolis - Phone: (11) 3258-6093
Vira-Lata translates as Tramp Dogs. The prices, however, are above average for Brazilian food restaurants.

Rua Doutor Fadlo Haidar, 136 - Vila Olímpia - Phone: (11) 3849-1267
Cuisien from Minas Gerais. Xopotó is the name of an Indian tribe which used to live in the State.

»Brasil a Gosto
Rua Prof. Azevedo do Amaral, 70 - Jardins - Phone: (11) 3086-3565
Appointed by Veja magazine as the best restaurant of its kind in São Paulo; see list of

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