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Most malls in São Paulo have one or more fast-food Chinese restaurant. Also, China in Box provides good, cheap, delivery only, Chinese dishes.

»China Lake
Rua Marechal Deodoro, 525 - Alto da Boa Vista - Phone: (11) 5524-7921
Ran by chef Paulo Hu, from Shanghai. Veja magazine considers China Lake to be the most sophisticated Chinese restaurant in São Paulo; still, prices are affordable, except for the 'pato laqueado', which is more expensive (R$ 105, for two); this plate, which in English is called Peking Duck, follows a ritual to be prepared, and is not commonly found in other Chinese restaurants in Brazil.

»Golden Plaza
Rua Luís Gonzaga de Azevedo Neto, 263 - Morumbi - Phone: (11) 3758-7334
The facade resembles a Chinese palace. Recipes from several regions of China, particularly Canton and Beijing.

»Hi Pin Shan
Rua Doutor Ivo Define Frasca, 99 - Vila Olímpia - Phone: (11) 3845-7167
Rua Padre Chico, 190 - Pompéia - Phone: (11) 3675-2270
The owner Kung Fan Yu prepares himself a shark fin soup, among other dishes.

Rua Galvão Bueno, 554 - Liberdade - Phone: (11) 3208-9498
A case rare in São Paulo, and probably in the world: a Chinese restaurant ran by a Japanese owner, Mrs. Fumiyo Yusa. Established in 1973.

»Ton Hoi
Avenida Professor Francisco Morato, 1484 - Caxingui - Phone: (11) 3721-3268.

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