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Rua Haddock Lobo, 807 - Cerqueira César - Phone: (11) 3061-2859
Run by the Masano family, which has been involved with gastronomy for a few generations. The restaurant cultivates their own oyster and messel farms.

Rua Oscar Freire, 1189 - Jardim Paulista - Phone: (11) 3082-2626
This restaurant is often advertised as offering "comida baiana" (food from Bahia), but it also offers what is probably the best dishes in fish and seafood in São Paulo.
The name Bargaço is a variation of "Bar do Garçon", or bar of the waiter. The owner Leonel Evaristo da Rocha was born in Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil. His father and seven brothers worked in sugarcane farms, cutting the cane and loading trucks. Leonel moved to Bahia, where he learned to read at age 17, and started working as a waiter. Hard worker, eager to learn, soon Leonel was managing one of the restaurants of his boss. In 1971, the boss loaned Leonel money to buy five tables and started his own restaurant, the "bar do garçon", which would become the first Bargaço, in Salvador. Today, the chain has seven restaurants, in major cities, including São Paulo, Brasilia and Recife.

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