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»Mori sushi
Rua da Consolação, 3610 - Jardim Paulista - Phone: (11) 3898-2977.
Japanese restaurant with modernist touches. Expect to find novelties like sushis with cream cheese and fried sushis. The place is busy.

Avenida das Nações Unidas, 13301 - Brooklin - Phone: (11) 6838-3208.
The website claims that Kinu offers traditional Japanese food in an ambience of vanguard.
This restaurant is located inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel, one of the best five-star hotels in São Paulo.

R. São Carlos do Pinhal, 241 - Shopping Top Center - Bela Vista - Phone: 3145-1833
Chef Shinya Koike, or just Shin, used to be sushiman of Komazushi, one of the most famous Japanese restaurant in town. The restaurant is as small as the name: only fourteen guests, who take seats around the chef and watch him preparing the food.

R. Galvão Bueno, 466 - Liberdade - Phone: 3277-9682
This restaurant is specialized in Lamen; it serves only Lamen (in individual bowls, with noodles and vegetables) and guioza.

Rua dos Pinheiros, 70 - Pinheiros - Phone: (11) 3086-0685.
Sushis, sashimis, makinamonos, teppan-yakis and other Japanese dishes prepared by sushiman Hideki Fuchikami. The tirashi zushi is recommended: strips of fish and seafood layered on ice, which are mixed to the rice by the guests.

Rua Doutor Mário Ferra, 465 - Itaim Bibi - Phone: (11) 3168-8011.
Praça Vilaboim, 63 - Higienópolis - Phone: (11) 3666-2087
Established 1997. Offers both rodizio (all-you-can-eat) and fixed courses meal.

Rua Araçari, 178 - Itaim Bibi - Phone: (11) 3168-2819.
The original decoration was inspired in the Japanese izakayas, old taberns where people could enjoy robatas and sake. The menu offers Japanese food and Brazilian meals, such as the espetinhos (small skewers).

Rua Professor Artur Ramos, 395 - Itaim Bibi - Phone: (11) 3815-2144.
Since October 2006, this Japanese restaurant is owned by Italian chef Franco Sabatini. Besides traditional Japanese food, guests can have meals such as octopus carpaccio and grilled oysters.

Rua Tomás Gonzaga, 62 - Liberdade - Phone: (11) 3208-6633.
One of the oldest Japanese restaurants in town. Ran by Mrs. Kiyoe Sekiguchi and her daughter Sekai, who has spent a few years in Japan to perfect her techniques.

Rua Bahia, 399 - Higienópolis - Phone: (11) 3825-0444.
Japanese cuisine with Western twist; predominance of salmon sushis (the preferred by Brazilians).

»Jam Warehouse
Rua Lopes Neto, 308 - Itaim Bibi - Phone: (11) 3079-4259.
Yes, this is a Japanese restaurant. Decorated with plenty of glasses and green. Food adapted to Western tastes; menu includes grilled tuna and plenty of California rolls (sushis with tropical fruits).

»Japengo Stera
Shopping Iguatemi - Phone: (11) 3034-4080.
Shopping Patio Higienopólis - Phone: (11) 3823-2379.
Shopping Market Place - Phone: (11) 5181-9597.
In Japan, this kind of restaurant is called kaiten zushi: a conveyor moves sushis across the table; the guests pick up what they like, and pay accordingly (different colors of plates to signify different prices).

»Kabuki Mask
Rua Girassol, 384 - Vila Madalena - Phone: (11) 3812-2921.
The name is a reference to kabuki, the Japanese thetrical style. This restaurant, established in 1995, combines sushis with live jazz and blues.

Rua da Glória, 168 - Liberdade - Phone: (11) 31054903.
Established 1978, this is another traditional Japanese restaurant of São Paulo. The sushiman Tsuyoshi Murakami offers a degustation menu, using the freshest products of the day, for R$ 150 (March 2007). The place is rather small (38 seats); reservation is recommended.

Avenida Sabiá, 488 - Moema - Phone: (11) 5051-0664.

Rua Viradouro, 139 - Itaim Bibi - Phone: (11) 3167-7272.
Avenida Chedid Jafet, 131 - Vila Olímpia - Phone: (11) 3841-8340
Sushiman George Yuji Koshoji started his restaurant in the garage of his own house; it grew to become one of the best decorated Japanese restaurant in São Paulo (the branch in Vila Olímpia is at the same building of Daslu, the poshest fashion shop in Brazil).

Avenida Doutor Cardoso de Melo, 1197 - Vila Olímpia - Phone: (11) 3842-0094.
Expensive pseudo-modernist Japanese food; example: hamburger of tofu, at R$ 22 !!

Rua Bandeira Paulista, 369 - Itaim Bibi - Phone: (11) 3079-7553.

Rua Pequetita, 170 - Vila Olímpia - Phone: (11) 3845-9911.
Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 254 - Pinheiros - Phone: (11) 3814-9898.

Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1165 - Vila Olímpia - Phone: (11) 3044-2643.

Rua da Glória, 148 - Liberdade - Phone: (11) 3241-1129.

Rua Jeronimo da Veiga, 74 - Itaim Bibi - Phone: (11) 3167-2222.
Patronized by the youngsters. Besides sushis and sashimis, the restaurant offers dishes like ceviche(typical from Andean countries like Chile and Bolivia; the fish pieces are cooked by lemon juice) and some Thai dishes.

Alameda Campinas, 600 - Cerqueira César - Phone: (11) 3283-2455.
This is the new name of what used to be Suntory, one of the oldest, best and most expensive restaurants in São Paulo.

»Shundi & Tomodachi
Rua Doutor Mário Ferraz, 402 - Itaim Bibi - Phone: (11) 3078-6852.
The decoration (which includes an oriental garden) is superb. And so is the food: Shundi Kobayashi prepares omakasê, a sequence of dishes prepared with whichever ingredients he finds best for the day; several pieces come from Japan, such as mini-octopus, acquavivas and shark arms. Prices vary from R$ 90 to R$ 180.

»Sushi Kin
Avenida Horácio Lafer, 51- Itaim Bibi - Phone: (11) 3071-2225.
Modernist Japanese cuisine (e.g.: sushi of grilled salmon with cream cheese and mayonnaise).

Rua Jericó, 287 - Vila Madalena - Phone: (11) 3814-3760.
Sushis and sashimis the old traditional way. Sushiman Shigeru Hirano goes well beyond the trivial tuna and salmon; fishes from Brazil and Japan are served in small portions, for degustation.

Rua Professor Atílio Innocenti, 53 - Vila Olímpia - Phone: (11) 3078-7773.
Brazilian sushiman Agenilson Teles prepares sushis and sashimis with a tropical touch.

Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, 451 - Bela Vista - Phone: (11) 3285-1226.

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