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Getting around

São Paulo offers the best public transportation infrastructure in Brazil; the city, however, experiences some of the largest traffic jams in the World.

AIRPORTS: there are three major airports in the State of São Paulo: Guarulhos, Congonhas and Viracopos.

Cumbica Guarulhos (official name: Aeroporto Andre Franco Montoro, code GRU) is the largest and busiest airport in Sao Paulo and Brazil; all international flights arriving in Sao Paulo land in Guarulhos; also, Guarulhos is Sao Paulo's hub for most long distance national flights.
Cumbica is located in the neighbour city of Guarulhos, and commuting to the Sao Paulo hotels is not easy.
There are no metro, train or tram in Guarulhos; taxis are expensive (US$ 60 or more); this company operates several bus lines.
The largest airline companies offer free shuttle services between Guarulhos and Congonhas; some hotels also offer shuttle services.

Congonhas airport, situated near downtown, is a major hub for national flights.
Thanks to its being centrally located, Congonhas is the airport of preference of business people; this causes prices of flights to be more expensive in Congonhas.
The number of flights is restricted (night operations are forbidden), and so are the destinations; World Cup travellers can fly from Congonhas to Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre, but not to other host cities.



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