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Poster Sao Paulo World Cup The Sao Paulo poster was the winner of a contest conducted by the Tourism Authority of the city and the Sao Paulo World Cup Commission; the designer of the poster was Romulo Castilho.

According to a spokesman, the poster attempts to describe "several aspects of the city, such as the diversity of the people, the creative energy, the power of football and the grandiosity of Sao Paulo".

Even though there is not an explicit reference to it, it seems to be clear that the poster is showing a ball hanging over the sky as seen from the ground of Avenida Paulista (see photo below).

avenida paulista, Sao Paulo poster

Avenida Paulista is the main financial street in Brazil; it has also the largest concentration of anthems. The wealthy neighbourhood attracted fine restaurants, expensive shops, all kinds of services (including an efficient transportation system).

In more recent years, Avenida Paulista has become also the place for the big celebrations in Sao Paulo.
New Year's Eve, Sao Silvestre Marathon and the Gay Parade are some of the big events which happen in the avenue.

Besides, Avenida Paulista is the place where the football crowds go to celebrate their big victories; when the big clubs of Sao Paulo become champions of important tournaments, Avenida Paulista is taken by their feasting fans.

There is no doubt that, at every win of the Brazilian team, the wide lanes of Avenida Paulista will be taken by Brazilian partiers.

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